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Upcoming Events 

 for Dentists...



Staff Appreciation

Night at the Races

October 22nd At Skyland Pines



University Series

October 9th 8AM-4:30 PM

 Dr. John Svirsky



Holiday Party &

Installation Officers

Thursday December 10th

6 - 9

Brookside Country Club









News Items of Interest   


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Great Ways to Improve

Your Smile

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for  dentists...


ODA News


Dentists who prescribe

part D covered drugs

to Medicare patients

need to Take Action.

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more information on the

ODA Site


"Conflict between


guidelines for prophylaxis of

orthopedic joint replacement


What should I do?

By Dr. Thomas Paumier

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ADA News:  


Proposed Changes for Computer

Hardware/Software Guidelines

for Dental Offices

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"ADA Environmental Scan" 

A Profession in Transition

Key forces reshaping the

dental landscspe.  

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