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Breaking News Regarding ODA Member Dentists and Medicaid: read more to see if it applies to you and to find out how the ODA works for you as a member dentist!
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Upcoming Member Events 

 for dentists...


2015 Leadership Institute

Columbus, Ohio

March 27 - 28

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Friday,  April 10th

University Series II

Endodontics for General Dentists

Dr. Manor Haas

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Tuesday, April 21st

SCDS Board of Directors Meeting

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Thursday, April 30th

General Membership Meeting

Patient Psychology & Office Design

Dr. Bryan Osterday & Mr. Ed Kruszynski

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ODA Annual Session

Excellence in Collaboration

Block out the dates on your schedule!

Thursday Sept. 17 - Sunday Sept. 20

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Items of Interest


for the community... 


ADA Mouth Healthy article on 

9 Foods That Damage Your Teeth

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for  dentists...


ADA News:  

Symptoms of 

Measles may appear in oral 

cavity before other

manesfestations of disease

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"ADA Environmental Scan" 

A Profession in Transition

Key forces reshaping the

dental landscspe.  

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