Who Can Join

Membership Levels


While we make every effort to be an inclusive organization, there are a few criteria we must adhere to for membership.  In general, spouses of members of the Stark County Dental Society may become members of the Alliance upon payment of dues.  These constitute "active members".  Widows and widowers may continue as members.


There are 5 Levels of membership.


  • Full Member:  An active member of the local, state and national Alliance.

  • Local Member:  An active member at the local level only.  We are able to offer this level because our charter as the Dental Auxiliary preceded the National Alliance.  

  • Life Member:  An active member that has been voted on by the Board of Directors.  This is an honor and these individuals are not responsible for paying dues.

  • Contributing Member:  A person who is not eligible to be an active member, but who contributes to the advancement of the objectives of the ASCDS.  While these members are highly values, they may not vote or hold office.

  • Residence Spouse:  A spouse of a member of the General Practice Residency Program and the ADA.