How We Came to Be


We are one of the oldest and longest lasting dental auxiliries in the United States!  

In 1955 our first meeting was held at the Alliance Woman's Club in Alliance, Ohio.  

Milk glass was featured in the decor and John Whitbeck spoke on the latest trends in furniture. Miss Kathy Branfield, harpist, was presented by Mrs. (Thelma) Joseph Greiner and played five harp solos.  The Auxiliary Constitution was presented for consideration.  Mrs. R.C. McAllister was appointed chairman of the first money making project, "Silver Lining", which used scrap amalgam to fund scholarships for dental students and hygienists.


Other Benchmarks


  • 1965  - "Springtime in Paris Ball" on Saturday, May 8th.  Cost was $12 per couple.  It was a BYOB, Black Tie Optional affair.  Dinner at Eight provided the music and there was dancing!  According to Jo Codispoti, there was another French event with a Can-Can line that featured Auxiliary members!   The group also decided that this was the year to purchase a dental exhibit for display at the Stark County Historical Center.  They held raffles, sold ads and even manned a radio station.  

  • 1966 -  In June of 1966 the Auxiliary paid the Cleveland Health Museum $4, 856 for an exhibit that was installed in the McKinley Museum.  

  • 1968  -  "Gay Nineties Night" at the Onesto Hotel on May 18th included Speak Easy attire, a real bathtub, gin, bubbles and fun!  

  • 1973  -  Purchased marionettes with the proceeds from various fundraising efforts.  

  • 1974  -  Donated the film "Teeth are for Keeping" to the United Way.  

  • 1975  -  Tommy Molar was born.

  • 1977  -  "Sink Your Teeth Into This"  cookbook was made and 600 copies were ordered.  An additional 300 copied had to be printed to meet the demand!

  • 1978  -  The Tooth Fairy Program begins by visiting 1400 preschool and kindergarten children in Stark County.

  •   1982  -   Charlie Brown Films make their debut in the Auxiliary Dental Health Program.

  • 2000  -  The ADA Health Foundation grants the Woman's Auxiliary a $5000 check for the Operation Dental Program.

  •  2004  -  50th Anniversary Celebration "Breakfast at Tiffany's" at Brookside CC.  

  •  2005  -  Joined the National and State Alliance.  Changed the name to Alliance of the Stark County Dental Society.






2014 Newsletter


Pictures from our 50th Anniversary Celebration "Breakfast at Tiffany"s" 

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