Radiography Licensure

Radiography Certification

Radiographer Certification home-study program is available by appointment through the SCDS.    The cost is $90.   The program includes use of the home-study workbook, taking and grading of the exam.   The student must be able to take the required radiographs under a dentist’s supervision.    After the program is complete, the student applies through the Ohio State Dental Board for licensure (see link to OSDB under this tab).   Contact the SCDS at (330) 305-6637 for more information and/or to begin the process.

Radiography 2-hour Renewal

All Radiographers must renew their license through the OSDB by December 31st of the EVEN year, regardless of when they were licensed. 

Example:  Licensed August 2018, still renewing 12/31/18.  Licensed 12/01/18, still renewing 12/31/18.  After first renewal, need to renew by December 31st of every even year. 

The two-hour renewal video is available by appointment with the SCDS.   The cost of the renewal is $50.   Contact the SCDS at (330) 305-6637 to make an appointment.

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions about renewing your license.