2017 ACD & ICD Inductees

CONGRATULATIONS! 2017 Inductees to the American College of Dentistry (ACD) and the International College of Dentistry (ICD)

Dr. Andrea Company, ICD, Inductee

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to be inducted into the prestigious group. I was in awe and humbled to accept the award. It was especially meaningful, because the induction was in Georgia, where my love and passion for dentistry really came full circle. Being surrounded by my Georgia family and some fellow residents of the Medical College of GA GPR made the induction really special. Thanks to Dr. Jane Martone and Dr. Mike Pruett for the nomination.

Dr. K. “Ragu” Ragunanthan, ICD Inductee

It was quite an honor to be inducted into the ICD. I am so grateful for Drs. Fanno and Paumier for supporting me to be inducted. I am very humbled to be recognized by fellow dentists. I also wanted to thank my family for supporting me to achieve the goals in my professional life. My sincere thanks also goes to SCDS fellow dentists for giving me an opportunity to serve in 2016 as their president.

Dr. George T. Williams, ACD Inductee
My memory was when my name was called and I was walking across the stage, 36 years of practice flashed through my mind. My memories of my first patient, my first challenge, my first office, my best times and worst times all were flashed before my eyes. Sharing the event was also special having my wife, Claudia, and my friends Drs. and Mrs. Mike and Cindy Winick, Steve and Colleen Parker and Kevin Huff being inducted also as Fellows!

Dr. Mike Winick, ACD Inductee
I was very humbled and honored to become a fellow in the American College of Dentists, a very worthy and ethics focused organization. It was even more special to have my wife there as well as to have Drs. George Williams, Steve Parker and Kevin Huff by my side. I was also very thankful to have Dr. Paumier leading us into the very solemn ceremony. Additionally, I would like to thank Drs Fanno and Stanich for supporting me in this process.”


ICD Inductees from Stark County:

1983  - James Fanno
1990 – Masid Shaheen
1992 – James Karlowicz (Associate Member)
1993 – Donald Demkee (Associate Member)
1995 – Constantin Farah
1996 – Harvey Cohen
1996 – Harry Osborne
1996 – Carl Peshoff
1997 – N. Kent Berg
1998 – Ronald Stanich
2004 – Loren Petry
2006 – Greggory Elefterin
2006 – David Farinacci
2007 – William Leffler
2008 – Thomas Paumier
2012 – Thomas Graham
2012 – Steven Parker
2012 – George T.  Williams
2014 – Mike Winick
2015 – Kelly Roth
2016 – Alan Kiefer (Associate Member)
2017 – Andrea Company
2017 – K. “Ragu” Ragunanthan

ACD Inductees from Stark County:

1982 – James Fanno
1992 – Donald Demkee
1995 – Carl Peshoff
1997 – Constantin Farah
1998 – Masid Shaheen
2003 – Ronald Stanich
2007 – James Karlowicz
2007 – Thomas Paumier
2008 – William Leffler
2012 – David Ash
2012 – Greggory Elefterin
2012 – Andrew Wojtkowski
2017 -  Steve Parker
2017 – George T. Williams
2017 – Mike Winick
2017 – Kevin Huff (Associate Member)